The Phoenix Requiem

Hello everyone,

This week I am back with a webcomic called The Phoenix Requiem by Sarah Ellerton. It is an excellent webcomic with some really good artwork.


I really like the art style chosen for this particular webcomic, it is very realistic. From the design of the characters, to the environments around them. The artwork is very well made and looks very good along with the story being told.


I also really like the way the pages are setup differently, some of the art runs off the page, some of the art serves as a background or more important scene on the page. It is also very easy to follow and understand the story taking place.


I really enjoyed the artwork of this webcomic, and really appreciate the time it takes to create something like this. It looks really good and has a very good story line as well. I would definitively recommend it!


Doodle of the Week:



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