Romantically Apocalyptic

Hey guys, this week I am back with a webcomic called Romantically Apocalyptic. This is a webcomic that has a very realistic art style with a very dark story to go along with it.


The creator of this webcomic pays great attention to detail in the creation of all of the scenes in the comic. There is a lot of detail not only in the characters but also in the background and objects in the background. This makes the experience of reading this webcmoic a lot more easy to understand because you get to see everything that’s going on in the scene.


Overall this webcomic had a really good story with some really good artwork as well. The art style chosen fits it very well since it has a dark mood to the story and the artwork has the same feel to it as well. Something that I thought was interesting was that some of the pages have sound to them. I had never seen something like this before, and thought that it was a really cool idea.


Doodle of the Week:



2 thoughts on “Romantically Apocalyptic

  1. meb140230 says:

    Someone suggested this webcomic to me on my blog! That might have been you now that I think about it. The artwork is truly spectacular! I love your doodles of the week, they’re really good!


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