Black is the Color

This week is we will be discussing a webcomic called Black is the Color by Julia Gfrorer. Black is the color is an interesting webcomic with a very hand made feel to it.

The art style in this webcomic looks like it is hand drawn in ink with a pen of some sort. Personally I really like this type of style because it gives it more personality and movement.

The creator of this webcomic chose not to add any color into the artwork. I feel like this was a good choice on their part. If they had decided to add color to the artwork, it could have taken away from the artwork itself. The story itself would not have benefited by the addition of color. It is a very dark story, so the color palette that was chosen was the perfect fit to the story. I really liked this webcomic and the story that went along woth it.


Doodle of the Week:



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