Hello everyone,

We will be looking at a webcomic called Blue this week, it was created by Pat Grant. Blue is an interesting webcomic with very cool, detailed artwork. It has a really cool cartoon type of style and just looks fun overall.

The scenes are so complex and well developed that you really get to see the scene and the environment in which the story is taking place. There is a lot of detail, from the expression in the characters’ faces to the little objects in the background and foreground.

The artist also decided to stick with a monochromatic color scheme, which in my opinion was a good choice. The webcomic is called Blue, and the most prominent, and most used color is blue. I feel like this adds another element into the comic which makes it that much cooler and unique.

I really enjoyed reading this webcomic, it was fun and had an interesting story to go with the cool artwork as well. I would definitively recommend y’all to read this!


Doodle of the Week:



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