Hello guys!

This week I am back with a fun webcomic called Thunderpaw, it is  a very fun comic with great art! Thunderpaw is a very interactive comic that is also different because it has some animation included in some of the panels. Let’s have a look at some pages.


As you can tell they have a very unique style in which their characters and scenes are made in. They also stick with a color scheme throughout most, if not all of the comic. It is very cohesive and very well made, I love the way it looks. The addition of animation in some panels adds another element to the webcomic which makes it that much more interesting and fun to look at.

The creator takes great attention to detail and composition, which makes the reader enjoy and appreciate the webcomic even more. The choice to add animation was a smart move in my opinion. It adds movement and is not used in every page. It is only used in some scenes where the addition of animation would be the only way to show what the artist was trying to portray. Overall I really enjoyed this webcmic and really liked the art especially the animations included!


Doodle of the Week:




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