His Face All Red


This week’s webcomic is called His Face All Red created by Emily Carroll. It is a very interesting webcomic with  a dark twist. I really enjoyed this one and also love the art style used for this one. Let’s take a look at a few panels from His Face All Red.

His Face All Red

There is something about this style that I enjoy a lot, it really captured my attention. It also adds to the whole eerie/mysterious feeling of this webcomic. I kind of has a watercolor-esque style to it. The artist also pays good attention to detail and adds to the scene in order to get a complete picture of what is going on in the scene. The way the characters are drawn shows a lot of emotion and action, which of course adds to the story and helps you understand it better.

The use of color in this is also very cool. They really have the color scheme well planned out, their use of color to emphasize some of the things is impressive! There are some panels where a monochromatic color scheme is used in order to express the feeling or mood of the scene even more. Depending on what is happening in  the scene, they use darker tones of colors in the scenes that are meant to be, well darker, more mysterious or scary. I definitively recommend that y’all go and take a look at this webcomic, it is very interesting and has a very good story along with great art!


Doodle of the Week:



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