Hey guys!

This week I will be discussing  a webcomic called Moonbeard . It is a simplistic webcomic that posts short comic strips. It uses very little color and is very monochromatic with its color use. I will be talking about one in particular called Hat.


Moonbeard uses a very flat, 2 dimensional style, with very little color. With that said, it is not a bad thing. The simplistic style used in this webcomic makes it easy to understand and is not confusing at all. The way in which the characters were drawn is also very simplistic, there isn’t much detail or depth to them. Even in the background the things drawn are kept simple, and there aren’t many. The sky is kept one color, with no clouds to distract you from what is happening in the comic.

For this type of webcomic, I feel like the style chosen fits really well. There is no need for unnecessary things in the background, or much detail in the characters, because it gets its point across very easily. Also, because they are very short comic strips it would not be necessary to include all if these other things because they do not go on for long. Overall I enjoyed this webcomic, it is short, funny, and very entertaining!


Doodle of the Week:

Finn the falcon


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