Formal Sweatpants


This week I am back with a really fun webcomic. It’s called Formal Sweatpants, it is a weekly comic strip that is written and illustrated by Josh Mecouch. I really like the webcomic that I chose for this week, it’s short but it’s funny and it gets the point across. Let’s take a look at a specific one called “Little Baby Carrot”.

Litle Baby Carrot

I really like the different kind of art style that the artist decide to go with. It adds to the humor of it, making it even funnier and enjoyable to read and look at. He takes everyday animals, objects, and things that we normally don’t see as funny and makes them into a funny little comic strip.

The style that he uses makes his characters look different and unique because he exaggerates some of their features, which like I said before add to the humor of this comic. They are also drawn sort of in a cartooney way and it makes the comic fun and entertaining. Also the colors used add to this effect as well, they are very bright and vibrant colors.


Doodle 0f the Week:



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