Hello everybody and welcome to the first post on this blog! I just want to use this as a way of introducing you to this blog and talk about what you can expect to see on here.

This bog is dedicated to talking about/discussing different types of art styles by looking at a variety of webcomics. Every week I will be choosing a different page from a certain webcomic and analyzing the art style chosen and  how well it works with the overall feel of the webcomic. I will choose from a wide variety of art styles from the most simple to the more complicated and realistic.

At the end of every post I will also include a personal doodle of the week as a fun little addition. This is just to show different types of styles, as everyone has their own. It also gives y’all a peek into the kinds of styles that I use, because as some of you might know if you have read my author bio, I am also an artist. Hopefully y’all enjoy these weekly doodles!

I hope y’all enjoy this blog and maybe even learn a thing or two! If you have any comments, suggestions, or anything you would like to let me know feel free to contact me.


Doodle of the Week:



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